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Following is the post that I've published in quite a large number of communities. I know, that it may look as SPAM (and by some comments to it I see, that some people saw it that way). I'm sorry for any inconvinience I've caused, I never had intended to, really. As I said I'm new to all this website thing and I just do not know how to inform people about my project.

My name is Andrew Skolov and I'm from Russia. I have a wife and alittle daughter. I'll write more about myself in my LJ (which I've just started and I'll appreciate new friends greatly), so if anyone would like to know me better - check my blog.

The reason why I've decided to turn to you, people, is a bit different.
Last years I'm becoming more and more concerned about rather sad changes in society. Sometime just before the New Year I had a conversation with a friend of mine. We were talking about modern world, about human's place in it, about relations between people. And my friend said that unfortunately relations between the people are not improving despite the lessons of history, general progress, improvement of communication means and everything else. Moreover, people are loosing trust in each other, people become suspicious. He said that helping others, especially strangers (independantly of their situation and nature), is often taken as "being dum and naive", that human kind is becoming "suspicious, evil and fraudulent", that people tend to exploit each other and are using for that most sacred sides and qualities of the human nature. We talked and discussed this subject till the morning.
Such appeared and idea of my "Funds For Fun" project. It has two goals. Primarily I want to proove people who think similar to that friend of mine (who is just a great blocke, mind you) wrong. And secondly I hope to improve my own well-being and to make all kinds of nice things to my family, to my friends and to help those who are in need.

I'd really appreciate if you visit my site (its my first one BTW so please be indulgent), especially main and "About" pages and probably take part in the project. Also if you can publish link to that site everywere you can and to tell about my project to as many people as possible - that would be just great.

The "Funds For Fun" site is located here:

I REALLY need your help.

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First shot!

Alrighty, the first version of the site is published on the web! Please visit it at And try to be not too captious - it's my first one. Although constructive criticism and ideas are more then welcome!

PS If you don't mind please help me and tell about the "Funds For Fun" project to as many people as you can. Thanx.
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Good luck!

Well, here we go. I'll put the website address as soon as I'll get hosting (which should happen in the closet 24 hours).

Wish me luck.
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